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This is a life changing event! From qualifying and being approved towards major purchases, to saving money on a month to month basis. How? A good credit rate means lower interest rates, and lower to no deposits.


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Credit Score Repair Service


Fast Credit Repair Store assists you by contacting your creditors to verify and validate credit score information on your credit report and to remove negative credit information  the credit bureaus may have on file. This allows us to take the information we gathered to the major credit bureaus to remove that inaccurate information and bills from your credit score. With our credit repair and credit boosting services, your credit score will be boosted by 150 points in just 90 days. We also have a new 30-day program to help boost your credit score by 40 points, which is perfect for people looking to get into a new home.


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"Receive fast credit repair and credit score boosting services from our company in Fort Worth, Texas. For more than 6 years, Fast Credit Repair Store has been assisting people all over the USA; in establishing, verifying, repairing, and building their credit. Contact us at (817) 840-6600 for more information about how we'll put our 50 years of experience to use for you."   


Establishing New Credit


Fast Credit Repair Store works with 15 different companies that are capable of helping you establish new credit lines within 10 days. These credit lines can extend from $500 to $10,000 and are set up via credit and unsecured lines of credit.

Negative Credit Information Removed

Does your credit report show a bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession, student loan, or medical charge off? Fast Credit Repair Store can verify the validity of any of these claims to help you remove them. If any of the companies that have put these negative marks on your credit score fail to show the proper documentation to prove their validity, we'll have an attorney fight for you to get them removed.


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